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Conquest Gives You Power To Create Strong Platform

We are proud to have more than one thousand schools, parents and children having faith in our programmes, and providing us all kinds of encouragement and impetus to go ahead.  They are also as important as our fundamental team.  The following members are on our fundamental team:

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Become Quiz Masters

Our Olympiad test play an important role to boost up knowledge of the students across india.An interesting activity being conducted in different School pan india .She always emphasises on increasing the student’s general knowledge in all fields.It is done through smart boards and quiz placards. Quiz competitions are held regularly. Students are encouraged to become Quiz Masters.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Ms. Gaytri
Ms. GaytriTeam Head of the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad
Ms. Gaytri is the other Team Head of the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad. She is also a well qualified Researcher and has a great experience of interactions with students. Gifted with a pleasing personality, Ms. Gaytri communicates with schools in order to motivate them to participate in the Conquest programmes.
Mr. Gupta
Mr. GuptaHead Designer
Mr. Ashok Gupta is the Head Designer at the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad and carries out all the designing work. He is a well recognized and proficient designer with a deep knowledge and great experience of his field. He loves to experiment with designing work and keeps creating new and fantastic designs.
Ms. Deepika
Ms. DeepikaTeam Head Research Unit
Ms. Deepika is a well qualified Researcher with a vast experience of interaction with students. She is the Team Head of the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad and carries out all the communication work with schools. Her approach is quite unconventional. She has complete knowledge of the areas she is associated with.
Ms. Babita
Ms. BabitaData Processing Unit
Ms. Babita is the Team Leader of the Data Processing Unit. Equipped with a good qualification and experience, she very well knows how to bring the best out of her team members.
Ms. Aarti
Ms. AartiHead Data Processing Unit
Ms. Aarti is holding the position of Head Data Processing Unit at the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad. Having a very good understanding of data processing, she manages the job very efficiently and perfectly.
Ms. Natasha
Ms. NatashaResearcher
Ms. Natasha is holding the position of the Researcher in the Conquest team. In addition to having a respectable educational qualification, she possesses a keen natural interest in books. She carries out in-depth research of books and papers regarding the organizing the Conquest Programmes.
Ms. Bharti
Ms. Bharti Junior Executive
Ms. Bharti is the other Junior Executive at the Conquest I.Q. Olympiad. She is a dedicated and diligent member of the Conquest team, and perfectly fulfills her job as Head of Dispatch Department.